Thursday, 15 January 2009

thursday 15 january 2009

hiya im kellie,
im 12 soon to be 13 and my passion is cheerleading, i have black hair, blue eyes, skinny waist, medium build and a nice smile...
im soon to turn 13 and my wish is to become a cheerleader since i was 5 ive been in to dancing so my mum put me into diffrent classes but nothing really inspired me, i am and always have been active althought most dances types requier streth and power i soon gave up on most until one day i saw a film bring it on, after watching the fimls sevral times i decided to give it ago, i was 7 at this time and my mum watched me as i got more active and flexible but did not want to join because of the reputation cheerleading had at the time, when i was 8 cheerleading had an even worse ruputation there was more drink, sex and drugs and my mum and dad did not want that for me. it was only till i turned 10 that a new organisation came in and sorted all the reputaions out...
i told my freinds at the time that i was goin for try-out at a locol squd and they just lauged they said i wasent blonde or bimboey enought and i tile em that cheerleading is a way of life and blonde bimbos never make it, being a cheerleader would not make me popular or make the guys want me more and that was good cos i like to keep my head low...

i keept my secret quiet for about a year until now! im layin low ive only just started high school and its 2009 and new year and this year to me EVERYTHING CHANGES!
on wednedsday im trying out for a squd ive never actually done cheerleading before and this year is my chance so wish me luck

kellie x

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